Royal Cargo is the leading solutions provider in lifting, transporting, and handling heavy loads in the country. For us, there is no such thing as a load too heavy.

Crane Fleet
The cranes on our fleet ranges from 20-Ton telescopic truck mounted cranes to 300-Ton crawler cranes. The newest equipment on our fleet are the 150-Ton Sany crawler crane, 300-Ton Liebherr crawler crane, and 20-Ton Sany Mobile. We are capable of handling all of your lifting needs. To ensure you get the right crane for the job, we offer free on-site support from our field engineers.

Crane Rental
When you rent our cranes, you get one of the most experienced rigging teams in the industry. With a field engineer with over 20 years of experience and 24/7 technical support that guarantees a high uptime, you are assured we can handle your rigging demands, whether large or small. 

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  • Project Transport Management
  • Tariff Consultancy
  • Transport of Heavylifts and Oversized Cargoes
  • Offloading and Spotting to foundation by Jacking & Skidding
  • Receiving of Heavylifts (at wharf
    or shipside)
  • LCT / Barge Operation
  • Lifting using Gantry Lift System
  • Road and Site Survey
  • Cranage, Rigging, Packing &
  • Plant Dismantling and Assembly
  • Electro Mechanical Works