Projects & Heavylifts is primarily engaged in the transportation and handling of heavy lifts and oversized cargoes. Through the Royal Cargo Group, we offer complete integrated transport package in project shipments to include general cargoes and bulk commodities.

With our modern and sophisticated heavylift equipment there is no such thing as a load too heavy for Royal Cargo. Royal Cargo is in the lead in the country’s projects and heavylift services. We have a fleet of multi-axle trailers as well as specially designed trailers to accommodate over-sized cargoes. We also have heavy cranes and lift systems.

Royal Cargo is proud to have experts who can handle transport concepts tailored for even the most demanding projects covering heavylift requirements. We have Goldhofer and Scheuerle multi-axle trailers, Broshius and Nooteboom trailers, Gantry Lift system, mobile cranes and forklifts of various lifting capacities. Our tools also include pallet trucks, rails, lifters, steel beams, hardwoods and elephant feet

  • Project Transport Management
  • Tariff Consultancy
  • Transport of Heavylifts and Oversized Cargoes
  • Offloading and Spotting to foundation by Jacking & Skidding
  • Receiving of Heavylifts (at wharf
    or shipside)
  • LCT / Barge Operation
  • Lifting using Gantry Lift System
  • Road and Site Survey
  • Cranage, Rigging, Packing &
  • Plant Dismantling and Assembly
  • Electro Mechanical Works