About the Company

Our passion to serve fuels our dream of becoming the preferred partner of choice in our industry.

We may have humble beginnings, but we carry stronger hopes and bigger goals to grow and succeed. For over four (4) decades, we relentlessly strive to provide specialized logistics services to fulfill the growing demand for cargo transport and handling.

With our tremendous investments on equipment, facilities, systems and networks, Royal Cargo continues to adapt to changes brought by technology, market developments and industry trends. We always invest in our people, our company’s best assets, to equip them with the right skills and spirit to serve our clients well and implement our specialized logistics concepts.

We value quality, we have high regard for integrity, and we define ourselves by constantly creating new and differentiated services to satisfy our partners and clients. As a Philippine-based multinational company, Royal Cargo is always ready to compete in the international market with dependable and cost-effective logistics services.

Message from the Group CEO



Royal Cargo has come a long way. We meet our customers’ expectations by designing cost-effective and reliable solutions getting cargo to where and when it is needed. For more than four (4) decades now, we go beyond the ordinary by developing differentiated services that fit our clients’ needs making us a cut above the rest.

Our investments on technology, equipment, networks and people are unparalleled. We are confident and we stand out, but we are always adaptable to the needs of our clients, inventing solutions and ready to change.

We are grateful to our people and our clients for believing in what we do and supporting how we do it. We look forward to growing in and with this market further and continuously developing our solutions and services for many more years to come.

We are a proud contributor to the progress of our industry. We are not afraid of the future and Royal Cargo will help shape it.

We find joy in what we do, and we will always make sure, we deliver as needed.

6 thoughts on “About the Company

  1. I wish to offer you 8 hectares vacant lot in Sta Ana Manila for warehouse yard. This lot is capable of receiving containers by trucks or by barge. The lot is beside Pasig River, ideal for entry and exit of containerized goods by barge. Let me know how to make formal offer addressed to your President.

  2. Good Day!

    We are from Iloilo base manufacturing company that do imports from China and India. We are looking for a forwarding company that also cater and process customs clearance.
    Please advise us of necessary services soon.

    1. Hi Marah,

      Thanks for your inquiry. Someone from our team will get in touch with you.

      Looking forward to work with you soon.

  3. I would like a quote on airfrieghting personal used scuba equipment from Kuala Lumpur to Palau. the wieght of the box is 25 KG and is L X W X H 70 x 40 x 45cm.

    thank you

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