Ecozone and Freeport Logistics

Royal Cargo is at the very heart of logistics services, with operations in the Central Business District of Subic Bay.

  • Duties and tax-free importation and storage
  • Air charter export movements to key destinations from Subic Bay to anywhere in Europe
  • Trading: covers sourcing of raw materials, semi-finished products and materials available from PEZA entities or abroad
  • Receiving: to include the processing and receipt of incoming cargo , acceptance of delivery, inspection, put-away and documentation process
  • Storage: covers the locating of cargo in its designated area, transfer and relocation process and all internal storage systems
  • Inventory Management: handles the cycle of physical inventory systems and proper documentation of receiving, storage, and issuance of cargo
  • Distribution: includes the processing and receipt of outgoing cargo advice or withdrawal authority, transportation of cargo, inspection and issuance