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About the Company

We are driven by our passion to serve and this fuels our dream of becoming the preferred partner of choice within our industry. From humble beginnings, we have built a company with big ambitions to achieve great things in the logistics sector – growing and succeeding in a challenging, fiercely competitive market. We have been amassing expertise and experience for decades, relentlessly striving to provide specialized logistics services to fulfil the ever-increasing demand for cargo transportation and handling.

With our impressive investment in equipment, facilities, systems and networks, Royal Cargo continues to anticipate and adapt to changes arising from technological advancements, market developments and industry trends. We consider people to be our best assets, training and honing the specialist skills necessary to serve our clients’ every need, implementing tailor-made logistics concepts.

Quality and integrity underpin all that we do in the creation of new and exciting services designed to give our partners and clients complete satisfaction. As a Philippine-based multinational company, Royal Cargo is always ready to compete on an international level, offering dependable and cost-effective logistics services.

Core Values


  • We respect employees as individuals, supporting work-life balance and putting measures in place to promote employee safety and motivation through transparent leadership and communication.
  • We respect suppliers and customers through our ongoing professionalism, protection of information, partnership and excellence in all that we do.
  • We respect communities, fostering genuinely ethical behaviour and forming partnerships with government authorities to exemplify corporate citizenship and compliance with regulations and requirements.
  • We respect the Earth in our way of working, ensuring that any environmental considerations are identified, so that we can strive to minimize harmful effects in our own way, such as through social activities and programmes.
  • We value input and collaboration, working as a team with competent leaders who guide our path towards ensuring that we deliver together as one RCI.


  • We are creative, immersing ourselves in the process of providing solutions for our customers to meet their needs.
  • We endeavour to achieve continuous improvement, constantly trying to develop and extend the range of services that we offer – those which businesses will need in the future.
  • We innovate to ensure an output of the highest quality, driving our diverse range of services and maintaining our reputation as a trailblazer in the market, renowned for our world-class standards and practices.
  • We adapt to change, seeing this as an opportunity; remaining dynamic and resilient even in situations requiring radically different or innovative approaches.
  • We understand the value of positive disruptive change and our team is able to make rapid decisions when needed, calculating risks to evolve businesses and break ground where we can to remake the industry.


  • We are responsible in our work and in our being.
  • We are reliable, committed to our business partners (both internal and external), displaying transparency in all that we do.
  • We perform while ensuing adherence to policies, requirements and deadlines.
  • We are accountable for what we do.
  • Our strength comes from our expertise in the industry, integrating ourselves as one RCI team to ensure true partnership with anyone we work with, taking pride in ensuring that work is done properly without shortcuts.

Message from the Group CEO

Royal Cargo has come a long way. We pride ourselves on our reputation for pushing the boundaries of everyday logistics, rejecting predictable, ‘ordinary’ thinking. Our cost-effective, reliable solutions have been instrumental in successfully transporting cargo wherever and whenever needed. Indeed, we have been fulfilling this promise for more than 40 years now, developing differentiated, client-centred services and striving to truly be a cut above the rest.

The combination of technological investments and our wealth of expertise is unparalleled. However, we never rest on our laurels and our distinctiveness makes us all the more eager to adapt to the needs of our clients, inventing solutions and ready to embrace change.

We are ever grateful to those we work with and to our clients for believing in what we do and what we stand for. Our vision for the future is based on continued market growth, developing solutions and services for many years to come.

As well as ensuring that our own business continues to go from strength to strength, we are proud of the contribution that Royal Cargo makes to industry-wide progress, promoting long-term success in a thriving logistics market. The future looks promising and Royal Cargo is eager to help shape it and rise to the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

We find joy in what we do and endeavour, as always, to deliver – professionally, efficiently and ethically.

Vision, Mission & Quality Policy


To be the preferred partner of choice in the supply chain and logistics industry.


We are committed to our customers and a mutual journey of growth and success, offering innovative, diversified solutions.

  • We ensure complete customer satisfaction by delivering as needed.
  • We act with integrity.
  • We respect our employees, communities and the environment.

Quality Policy

We provide quality products and services through performance management and continuous improvement, meeting (or exceeding) customer, employee and stakeholder needs, expectations and requirements, achieving customer retention and partnership.

Quality Objectives:

– Meeting or exceeding the defined KPI (process efficiency and effectiveness)

– Meeting customer expectations

– Compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements

– Timeliness of services and internal process deliverables

– Manage external providers and ensure compliance

– Continually improve the management system

– Attaining financial goals and operational targets