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Syspro BPO, Inc., a subsidiary of Royal Cargo, handles the business processing outsourcing service. It offers high quality and cost-efficient process solutions to clients in different industries. It was formerly known as Royal Global Services Inc. Syspro is managed by a team of BPO experts with over 20 years of experience in the industry bringing integrated business process outsource services. Operating since 2010, we allow you to focus on your core business while we take care of your logistic and back-office requirements, whether these are voice or non-voice activities. We pride ourselves on being an efficient and effective partner for clients who aim to improve their processes, overcome challenges and meet expected target end results anywhere in the world.

We are a one-stop shop for all your back-office logistics (including supply chain services), non-logistic and call center requirements offering 24/7 services using the most efficient and effective means of communication such as the phone, email, chat, web and other digital means. Syspro also offers highly specialized corporate and general accounting services including accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, AP reconciliation and report preparation.

With Syspro, you can enjoy the advantages of outsourcing and save up to 85% on salaries, up to 70% on monthly office rentals and experience more efficient labour management.

Back-office Logistics Services (including supply chain) 

Whether it’s improving the accuracy of details on your export documents, comprehensive monitoring and tracking of your shipments, or even reducing your total logistics costs through effective supply chain management you need, Syspro BPO has the answer.

We offer bespoke logistics services to help you fulfil all your supply chain needs:

o   Manifesting

o   BL & AWB Cutting and Processing

o   Booking Service

o   Tariff Management

o   Track and Trace

o   Collection

o   Container Deposit Refund

o   Customs Clearance

o   E-archiving Service

Non-logistics Services

Stay focused on your core competency and ahead of your competition by outsourcing your back-office requirements. Avoid the hassle of completing administrative tasks and open the door to more opportunities by prioritizing your long-term processes and strategies. Syspro BPO deals with some of your back-office functions at reduced overhead costs.

o   Invoicing & Payment Processing

o   Data Encoding

o   Transcription Service

o   Insurance and Claim Processing

o   Payroll Processing

o   HR Services

o   Billing

o   Corporate and General Accounting

o   Online Helpdesk / Chat Support

o   Audit (documents)

o   Invoice and Other Docs

o   Transmittal and Liquidation

o   Delivery Docs Processing

o   Admin and Finance Support

Call Centre Services

Outstanding customer support allows you to strengthen your relationship with your clients. When a happy client becomes a loyal and satisfied one, it boosts your company’s growth. Syspro BPO offers high quality end-to-end customer service solutions that allow you to deliver a superior customer experience, fulfilling your clients’ specific needs.

o   Customer Service

o   Technical Support

o   Telemarketing

o   Survey Services

o   Order-taking Service

o   Collection Service

o   Appointment Setting Service

o   After Sale Service

o   Other Services