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Our principals are internationally established liquid transport and logistics providers, operating modern tank container fleets that meet the demands of our clients, as well as the strictest safety and environmental regulations. At Royal Cargo, we handle and manage our own ISO tanks to and from anywhere in Asia. 

Royal Cargo is one of the leading specialized worldwide door-to-door carriers of chemical- grade and food-grade liquids. We are one of the major movers of ISO tanks and flexi-bags in the Philippines, handling hundreds of chemical and foodstuff containers every month.

We provide all services and advice needed for importation, exportation and domestic transportation. Storage facilities are available to ensure that we cover all of your logistics requirements from origin to destination.



o   Transportation of:

o   Chemicals ISO tanks

o   Food-grade ISO tanks

o   Flexi-bags

o   Export/Import

o   Domestic – door to door / door to CY / CY to CY

o   Direct purchase of flexi-bags

o   ISO tank lease

o   Inspections/collections of samples

o   Collection and cleaning of used flexi-bags