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TMW Express Worldwide was launched in Malacañang Palace by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on 6th February 2002. TMW Express Cargo Clearance Facility (ECCF) is covered by Customs Memorandum Order 16-2001 with the objective of providing a centralized facility with a simplified operational procedure for the expeditious release of air cargo.

TMW provides 24/7 express customs clearances for airfreight cargoes in Manila. This service is suitable for high-valued and/or urgent goods. Our company is one of only two license holders in this category.

Services Offered:

Express Cargo Clearance: Fast and efficient customs release solutions for critical air shipments with the following key features:

Fast: 3-12 hour clearance from touchdown, receipt of complete and correct documents and payment of duties and taxes, whichever comes last.

Transparent: No unnecessary miscellaneous expenses.

Non-Stop: 24/7 operations. Clearance and release is possible during the night-time, weekends and holidays.

Dedicated: A dedicated Bureau of Customs contingent who handles the customs clearance of import shipments via TMW.

Complete: A one-stop cargo clearance facility for duty paying shipments without limitations as to weight, size, volume or value.

Customs Bonded Warehousing (Public): Storage and safekeeping of imported air cargo arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) until customs formalities are completed.