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From document preparation, capital equipment importation, methodical calculation, transport engineering studies to lifting and installation procedures, Royal Cargo relies on the expertise and professionalism of its engineering team to complete projects to the highest quality standards.

The leading projects and heavylift logistics solutions provider underscores the competence of its engineering team as it continues to actively take part in major infrastructural developments in the country, particularly in the construction of power plants across the Philippine archipelago. RCI’s engineering team oversees several critical facets of every operation to make sure every phase of the project follows the most-efficient and safest method.

“Our engineering team is a group of dynamic, innovative, and collaborative civil and mechanical engineers with skills and competency at par with other multinational companies. It is our mission not only to provide top quality service to our clients but also, and more importantly, to help elevate the lives of Filipinos. This is why we make sure that our people are knowledgeable and apply only the best practices of the industry,” said Royal Cargo’s Chairman of the Board and Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Raeuber.

Over the years, the Royal Cargo engineering team has successfully completed power plant projects of varying classifications such as coal, wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, natural gas and combined cycle power plants. Among the company’s vast portfolio of power plant projects is the 4x150MW GN Power Kauswagan Coal-Fired Power Plant, which is also one of the most challenging projects finished by the company.

The4x150MWGNPowerKauswagan Coal-Fired Power Plant was constructed at the height of the martial law imposed in Marawi. Although the battle zone was approximately 35 kilometers from the project site, the team had to be escorted by the military. They experienced a lockdown and had to follow a curfew schedule during the materials delivery stage of the project, which presented the team with challenges.
“All projects handled by the team encountered issues that really tested our expertise and capabilities. But all these problems seem less daunting knowing that the construction of power plants increases not only the number of powered local communities but also the number of jobs generated in the areas,” said Royal Cargo’s Sr. Vice President for Projects and Heavylifts, Mr. Rodrigo “Toddy” De Roma.

“Providing 24/7 electricity and employment will ultimately help families raise their living standards, which is the bigger purpose that motivates us do our work,” he added.

Royal Cargo is also part of several notable nation-building projects such the New Bohol Airport Construction and Sustainable Environment Protection Project, which led to the construction of the country’s first international eco- sustainable airport.

The Panglao International Airport uses solar panels to power a part of the passenger terminal building.
Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, Royal Cargo is looking to undertake more power plant and infrastructure projects, in particular to support the administration’s Build, Build, Build Program.

The company is also working on securing other power plant projects in Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan.