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3 Sep, 2019 by Jill Viray


Dear Valued Customers,

Please see attached memorandum issued by Bureau of Customs (BOC) regarding the:

Guidelines on the Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) 
Registration of Non-Regular Importer Previously Known as “Once-a-Year-Importer”

Guidelines on the registration of a non-regular importer (NRI), formerly known as “once-a-year-importer,” to the Bureau of Customs’ (BOC) Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) have been released.

The said circular memorandum which will take effect on September 9, provides rules for the creation of a Compliance Monitoring Database (CMD) for NRIs with the aim of preventing importers from circumventing customs laws and regulations by using a once-a-year importation scheme.

Considered as NRIs are:

• Any person, whether natural or juridical, who has never been accredited as an importer with the BOC under existing laws, rules and regulations or a once-a-year importer who had only one (1) importation within 365 days prior to application for registration as NRI; and

• Returning Residents, foreigners married to a Filipino citizen, Filipino diplomats, and other individuals granted privileges under special laws or as provided under Section 800 of the CMTA, in relation to their importation of motor vehicles, motorcycles and motor scooters, water and aircrafts.

NRis with subsequent importations within 365 days from registration shall be treated as regular importers and shall thus be required to be accredited as such with the Account Management Office (AMO).

Not covered by CMO 46-2019 are:

• Importations for the personal or family use of members and  attaches of foreign embassies, consulates, legations, agencies of 1 other foreign governments and international organizations with diplomatic status and recognized by the Philippine Government and importations for official use;

• Importers with shipments or items cleared through parcel post or informal entry process;

• Importations by the Philippine government, its agencies and instrumentalities;

• Importations by registered business enterprises / locators of free zones;Coffins or urns containing human remains, bones or ashes, used personal and household effects (not merchandise) of the deceased person;

• Airport terminal release scheme such as:Plants and by products, Fruits and by products, Fishes and by products, Foodstuff, Live animals, Diplomatic mails;

• Importation of aircraft parts of Aircraft on Ground (AOG); 

• De minimis importations; and 

• Balikbayan Boxes sent to families or relatives by Qualified Filipinos while abroad. Consolidated shipment of duty and tax-free Balikbayan boxes as embodied separately in CAO No. 1-2018.

For NRIs whose shipments will enter ports within Metro Manila, the application for NRI must be filed with the AMO with complete requirements under CMO 46-2019.

For shipments entering outports, the NRI must submit the application together with the supporting documents to the distinct collector of the port of entry, who will within 24 hours transmit the application to AMO for processing and record the transmittal in BOC’s Document Tracking System.

If the applicant NRI does not receive an email notification from BOC after submitting the complete documentary requirements, the application’s status can be followed up through BOC’s Customs Care Portal System available online.

The processing fee has to be paid prior to submission of application to BOC’s Collection Division if the shipments are entering through Manila ports, and to the Collection Division of the concerned port for shipments entering outports.

The AMO will immediately activate the NRI’s CPRS Profile upon receiving the approved application. Disapproved applications for CPRS registration based on inadvertent or clerical errors may be corrected by reapplication and submission of documentary requirements.

Shipments of registered NRIs are to undergo 100% physical examination. Any findings of discrepancy or violation of the CMTA will be reported to the AMO.

The NRI will submit his/her Certificate of Registration to any authorized agent bank (AAB) to enroll his/her bank account, existing or new, from where his/her customs duties and taxes will be debited.

The bank reference number must be indicated in the NRI’s once-a-year importation declaration. A list of AABs is available on BOC’s website.

For your information and proper guidance.

Thank you very much.

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