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20 Sep, 2019 by Jill Viray

One of the reasons that makes Royal Cargo a preferred partner of choice in logistics is because of the services it offers that are tailored-fit to every client’s needs.

Its specialized services include Pharmaceutical/Clinical Trial Logistics. 

Pharmaceutical/Clinical Trial Logistics is a business unit of Royal Cargo Inc. that provide logistics management solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

Royal Cargo started offering logistics for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companiesin July 2007 when Royal Cargo secured a partnership with World Courier and named the business unit Premium Courier. This pioneering business has seen a steady growth of client base since inception, and to address the growing requirement of clinical trial drug storage, a 400 SQM facility dedicated for Premium Courier was constructed in 2012.

Premium Courier created a name when it was accredited by a certifying body with its Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification in 2013. We are the first logistics company in the Philippines to be awarded with Goods Distribution Practice (GDP) based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Aside from GDP certification, our facility and processes have passed the audits of the government regulatory agency and major players in the clinical trial industry.

In 2015, a 400 SQM warehouse with capacity of 345 PP was set-up to store commercial pharma drugs, hence the change of business unit’s name from Premium Courier to Pharmaceutical/Clinical Trial Logistics.

Pharmaceutical/Clinical Trial Logistics is expert in handling and rendering logistics service solutions for clinical and commercial products. We handle time–critical and temperature–sensitive shipments and customized logistics solutions for:

  • Clinical Trial and Commercial Drugs 
  • Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Vials, Ampoules and all other dosage forms
  • Anti-neoplastics and Hazardous Drugs
  • Biological
    • Vaccines
    • Blood, urine, sputum and other human cells/extracts
  • Medical Supplies/Devices
  • Vitamins and Food Supplements
  • Health and Beauty Products
  • Packaging Services
  • Hospital Logistics

Our personnel’s in-depth knowledge and experience enable us to provide world class logistics solutions and operational excellence with outstanding control and consistency. Pharma Logistics’ services focus on speed, visibility, and reliability. We endeavor to exceed our customers’ requirement at all times.

Pharmaceutical/Clinical Trial Logistics is a solutions provider, customizing services tailored to client requirements. We offer a range of specialized transportation options, as well as multi-temperature storage facilities for cold chain products, to support a secure and successful clinical trial supply chain service. Our network of local branches and agents enables us to reach any site in the Philippines.

Services Offered:

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences Logistics
    1. Express Customs Clearance and Delivery Service
      • 3 hours release upon aircraft touchdown
      • Available 24/7 including holidays
    2. Multi-Temperature Storage Depot
      • GDP Certified storage facility
      • Ambient, chilled, and frozen temperature facilities
    3. Complete Fleet of Delivery Vehicles
      • Dry type vans
      • Temperature controlled vehicles
      • RKN Cool Container
    4. Complete Set of Packaging Materials
      • Range of single use and reusable thermos shippers
      • LN2 Shippers
      • Dry Ice replenishment
    5. Biotechnological Transportation
      • Expertise in handling and transporting biospecimen
      • Complete set of packaging solution to maintain specimen integrity and cold chain
    6. Nationwide Coverage
      • Presence of company owned branches in major cities in the Philippines
      • Tie-ups with army of agents to reach even far-flung places in the Philippines
    7. Automated Capabilities
      • Inventory and Warehouse Management System
      • ePOD and eDocs
      • Royal TrackPLUS App
    8. Regulatory Assistance
      • FDA related document evaluation and legwork
      • Secure permit and certificates required for shipping
    9. Storage Facility Security and Safety
      • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance and biometric access
      •  Fire detection and alarm systems
      • Intruder alarm system
  • Express Logistics Service
    1. Time Critical Shipments
      • Time sensitive delivery of materials & components, to keep production line running
      • Delivery of parts and equipment to hard to reach places
      • GPS Monitored Company owned vehicles
    2. High Value Shipments
      • Customized delivery solution with emphasis on security of shipment
      • Potential route evaluation and preparation of journey plan
    3. On Board Courier
      • Network of Royal Cargo couriers and partner agents to carry out OBC service
      • Experienced couriers
      • On-call couriers available 24/7
      • Database of updated flight schedules
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