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Royal Cargo successfully completed COVID-19 testing to front line employees

17 Jun, 2020 by Reymer Salvador

After the Philippine government started relaxing the community quarantine, Royal Cargo immediately rolled out its own COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Testing for its employees last June 4 to 7, 2020.

The company conducted a COVID-19 testing to all its front liners and vulnerable members of the group. Ensuring the welfare of all employees, the testing team was led by the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Manager, Mr. Andrew Valenzuela and company Physician, Dr. Filmarosa Herbosa.

An employees undergoes blood extraction as part of the COVID-19 testing

The company converted an area into a testing facility with isolation room. Moreover, all testing staff wore a complete set of personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid any exposure while employees lining up for the test practiced the recommended physical distancing.

The testing team composed of Royal Cargo employees: Dr. Filmarosa Herbosa-  Company Physician, Mary Ann Olaes- HSSE Dept., Francis Mabute- HSSE Dept, Nino Ray Albania- HSSE Dept., Isagani Ramos- Pharma Logistics, Kryzanne Lorenzo- Pharma Logistic, Israel Ulalo- HSSE Dept., Andrew Valenzuela- HSSE Dept.

During the four-day COVID-19 testing, the company successfully tested employees including the drivers, processors and senior leaders.

The program aims to ensure the safety and well-being of all Royal Cargo employees while providing the high-level of quality service for its clients.

To date, Royal Cargo maintains strict precautionary and physical distancing measures in all our sites and offices including:  

  1. Procurement and issuance of personal protective equipment for our workforce
  2. Body temperature checking using thermal scanners
  3. Filling out of Health Check Questionnaire at the entrances of our offices
  4. Foot bath before setting foot inside the office premises.
  5. Regular health advisories regarding Covid-19
  6. Proactive disinfection of all offices and facilities

Physical distancing measures:

  1. Presence of 40% or less workforce in the office
  2. Strict implementation of physical distancing (at least 6 feet apart)
  3. Online Customer engagement through digital platforms.
  4. Work from Home arrangement
  5. Shuttle service for employees traveling to work (with limited number of passengers per vehicle)
  6. Health check among delivery personnel before deployment

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