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Royal Cargo Unveils Its New DG Warehouse

28 Jul, 2023 by Camille Bello

Royal Cargo aims to broaden its range of services and grow in the Philippine warehousing industry. To achieve this, the company has introduced a specialized Dangerous Goods warehouse that caters to storing chemicals and substances.

Royal Cargo’s president, Mr. Andrew Kurt Raeuber, and Head of Pharma Logistics, Ms. Elena Tomias, recently shared that Coca-Cola Philippines handpicked Royal Cargo to handle the storage and transportation of raw ingredients for their new product, affectionately named “Ja-Coke.” This unique blend combines Jack Daniels liquor with Coca-Cola.

Royal Cargo was honored to take on the task of building a facility to store sensitive materials and raw ingredients for Coca-Cola. However, the timeline was challenging, as the raw materials were expected to arrive in March 2023, and the project was only agreed upon in December 2022. Despite this time constraint, the DG team successfully prepared and launched the new Royal Cargo DG warehouse in time for operations to begin in March 2023.

The DG team has identified flammable ingredients as its main product, which poses a significant fire risk. To guarantee safe operations, Royal Cargo has invested in firefighting and safety equipment, including fire alarms, foam sprinklers, fume detectors, safety signs, and strict safety protocols. The HSSE department provides close supervision to ensure that prevention measures are followed carefully.

Ms. Elena stated that the DG operations are fully compliant with the required permits and that the staff in charge are extensively trained in safety protocols. Rest assured that they are vigilant, cautious, and always prepared to handle any situation that may arise.

Royal Cargo’s newly constructed DG warehouse is expected to generate significant revenue growth, largely due to our long-standing partnership with Coca-Cola. Our successful strategies have enabled us to establish a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with them, which may lead to further profitable opportunities.

As demand for DG services continues to rise, we remain committed to enhancing our investment in this specialized service to offer our clients even more exceptional support.

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