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4 May, 2018 by Jill Viray

In line with efforts to boost its cold chain business, leading end-to-end logistics solutions provider Royal Cargo Inc. is adding active cooling containers to its cold chain solutions for airfreight movements.

The company hopes to be a catalyst for the further development of cold chain solutions for airfreight, counting on the increase in imported high-end perishable foodstuff and growing demand for domestic and international movement of other temperature-sensitive goods such as fresh fruits, chilled meat products and diagnostic specimens on the back of favorable macroeconomic conditions and economic activity.

“We see a huge potential in the country’s growing food retail industry, which is what led us to add the active cooling containers to our wide range of cold chain solutions. Our temperature-controlled containers offer clients the convenience of having a locally available way of transporting perishable items without compromising quality,” Royal Cargo President and Chief Executive Officer Elmer Sarmiento said.

Unlike traditional cooling containers or passive cooling, the active cooling containers provide a temperature-controlled environment that enables not only superior insulation but also a constant temperature range despite spikes in external temperature conditions.

This decreases the risks of spoilage, making the containers ideal for perishable items.

Active cooling containers also provide an easier transport platform by unitizing and containerizing loads, minimizing rebuilding and repacking, and facilitating easier release from Customs or other regulatory bodies.

Moreover, active cooling containers help reduce damaged packaging caused by rough handling at the cargo terminal, exposure to harsh environmental elements or sweating of ice gels. These containers have a separate compartment for dry ice, which prevents the occurrence of freezer burns, or the discoloration of the chilled item resulting from direct contact with dry ice.

The temperature-controlled environment that active cooling containers provides also makes them the best transport container solution for other industries such as pharmaceutical, medical diagnostics, electronics and chemicals. These containers protect goods from damages caused by exposure to the elements, physical handling at airport points and movements in transporting vessels.

In addition to active cooling containers, Royal Cargo offers refrigerated or “reefer” vans and trucks, airplane transport, and freight forwarding capabilities and logistics network as part of its cold chain solutions. Royal Cargo aims to be the frontrunner in local service availability of active cooling containers, promoting the containers as an integral product in its suite of cold supply chain solutions in the Philippines.

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